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Online-shop for fire tracks


Find or sell accomodations

Cloud Alarms

Be secure


Move your body with Salsalto

Dolmabance Palace

Palace in Stambul, Turkey


Professional cleaning company

PlanA Marketing

Our partner's website


Sport garage

Villa Hotel (for sale)

Villa Hotel (developed for sale)


Website for Diplomatic Academy


Usability of website, in other words, means how easy
the users, who visit the site for the first time can find information they came for. Good usability means the navigation should work as they expect. The titles and images should be relevant, the search over site (if exist) should work good the texts should be good readable (size and paddings should help to read), even Click buttons should be easy to find and lead exactly where they should point, etc. Hope you got the main idea.
It's critical, and for sure it effects on how you reach your goals.

We do our best to make easy to use good quality websites. We also try to help our new customers that already have got websites from other (sometimes not professional) developers.

Invest in usability and good SEO and you will see that you marketing AdWords budget will be less than before. And finally you receive more customers. Order now

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Responsive design

Responsive Webdesign means to design and code of your website that adapts to any device from desktop to mobile phone. A responsive website means it can be good viewable on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles (Android and IOS). This design dynamically adapts to any size of your browser window.

Mobile first is the concept that becomes more popular with the spread of the mobile Internet. Everyone has a phone most of us have the internet on it. So need to think about users who use cell phones. The website needs to load quickly. The information needs to be easy to find, the contacts and 'click me' buttons need to be viewable good. In this concept on desktop and tablet, we can have more information than on the mobile one, but the information we have on mobile is the main.

Invest in responsive design and usability is a good idea to grow up. As your visitors will be satisfied and will not close the website quickly as if they see something they don't understand and your positions will become better. Order now

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