The 10 top movie poster designs of 2015

Whilst most commercial film releases favour the generic, badly photoshopped execution of the movie's star for its poster designs, others have released some of the most striking work we've seen this year.
Experimenting with typography, negative space and illustration, with choices from both commercial and indie releases, we've picked 10 of our favourites from 2015.

• 1. IRIS

Created by Gravillis Inc, this poster for the IRIS movie is up there with one of the best ever. Putting Iris herself in black and white whilst showcasing her love of fashion in the background using bold and bright patterns is a clever and wholly original idea.

• 2. The Look of Silence

Whilst this film was made in 2014, it wasn't released in the cinema until 2015 so – lucky us – we get to include this incredible poster design in our 2015 round-up. The film does have a more commercially viable option but this illustrated effort is our favourite. Look at that red!

• 3. Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials was one of the big blockbusters this year and whilst it did release the usual offerings when it came to posters, this clever design makes use of negative space and we adore it. Putting the character in a test-tube like shape is also a great little inclusion of the plot.

• 4. Louder Than Bombs

This simple effort was crafted by HANDVERK and we can't get enough of its subtlety. With the colours perfectly complimenting each other, it's striking without being obvious or too in-your-face. The white space left at the top of the design also draws the eye to the title.

• 5. Blackbird

Using stills from the film itself is often tricky ground when it comes to poster design but when used in conjunction with this stunning illustration, it really brings it together. Showcasing an art deco, almost stained glass window effect, this one was certainly made to catch the eye.

• 6. Entertainment

Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple; less is more as they say. This poster for film 'Entertainment' is absolute proof of that theory with this incredibly striking effort. Sorrowful yet intriguing, the monochrome colour palette really brings this one out.

• 7. Call Me Lucky

We love it when illustration is given centre stage with movie posters and this one for 'Call Me Lucky' is an absolute delight to look at. Minimal colours and an intricate execution, the design was conjured up by Vodka Creative, with Jesse Vital taking care of the artwork itself.

• 8. We Are Your Friends

Whilst the movie itself didn't exactly receive rave reviews, we adore this poster design from The Refinery. Using neon colours to mimic the film's clubbing and rave culture storyline, the vintage-like illustration of the main character really makes this one pop.

• 9. The Lobster

Who couldn't stop and stare at this one?! Showing the characters embracing empty sillouhettes of each other, the design was courtesy of artist Vasilis Marmatakis. Marmatakis has also crafted the titles for Dogtooth as well as working on a range of other movie posters.

• 10. It Follows

Everyone knows that making a character stare directly at you with a movie poster is bound to get it some attention. Brilliantly illustrated by Akiko Stehrenberger, the artist has crafted posters for a huge range of indie and commercial releases – it's easy to see why.

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