Wonderful place in Iceland

Iceland - a cold and beautiful country. Grindavik - is the hometown for our customer. He wanted a great website for his town to attracting more and more tourists every year. We have tried to convey the atmosphere of the northern beauty of Grindavik. We've created a clean and light as possible design and incredible beauty of pictures attractions.

Development files

Date of birth: December 2015

We were going to do:

  • Unique, light design.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • To cope in the short term.
  • To choose right colour scheme.

project features

Beauty is everywhere

When we've saw the photos of Grindavik attractions (which among the most famous is the Blue Lagoon), we decided to put a Blue Lagoon's photo as a wide-slider on the main page. As you can see, the photo is so gently and carefully, so we decided to preserve the elegance style and have used appropriating fonts and decorators.


It is a Grindavik's coat of arms, so we decided to put it like a favicon for the website.


There're some decorators on titles through the full website. They are charming.

Borders style

Here are a gentle style for borders and a text block with the opacity that fits the style. These blocks are links to appropriated pages. So here you can see an associating picture of the page and its name.

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Great on every device

You can open the site of Grindavik on any device - all the same it would be so wonderful, as it is on the desktop :)

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