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The CodeBrig company has an exclusive product named Honcho, and our customers asked us to design a website for this product. Honestly, we like a lot their colour scheme, so this project has given a great pleasure to our designers :))

We were going to do:

  • For about 5 pages, including a lot of tabs and hover-effects.
  • Create a special style appropriating to logos.
  • To cope in the short term.
  • Use a corporate color.
  • Unique and interesting design.

We have reached the goal :)

project features

Waves near to you :)

The logo of "CodeBrig" company has prompted our designers for the idea to use a nautical theme for the site, which fits advantageously into the overall design.

Favicon or logo?

CodeBrig has a fantastic logotype, so we've used it as a favicon too.

Style for titles

When the project is exciting, there will come interesting ideas, such as this one with cool style for titles.

Spider-web motives

Inspiration can come to our designers from everywhere. For these icons an inspiration was a spider's web which was hiding in the wall corner right above the head of one of our designers :))

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Love material

We've used a material design for this website, and customer liked it a lot :)

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