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This website belongs to our dear friends, and some time ago he asked us to change some little elements on his website. Well' we were liked to ^__^

Development files

Date of birth: September 2015

Our task was:

  • Create a logo;
  • Create some cool images for the slider;
  • Change icons;
  • Change color scheme.

project features

Images for slider

We created two appropriating images for this website to let the users know about the specification of it. So here you can see a cloud as a server "NeoAge", which can work with every device that has been invented on this world :)


We have sent several versions of logotype to our friend, and he has chosen exactly this one. (In fact, we like this versions the most of all too) :))

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The other image for slider

On this image, we tried to show the users about the transiting ability of NeoAge's servers. It's almost all over the world in fact ;)

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