Logo for Niagara Hall

"Niagara" banquet hall

It's the most beautiful place for the wedding in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Owners of this establishment belong to every their customer with warmth, understanding, and willingness to help them in any matter. We were happy to make logo and business cards for these kind people.

Date of Birth: December 2015

project features

Banner for street

This banner was special designed for "Niagara" banquet hall. It is on the street wall now :)

Wonderful font

We've chosen the best font for "Niagara" to reflect the elegance of the hall.

Cute decoration

Our customers have made special decoration things for their banquet hall :)

Worked hard for logo

The logo is reflecting the name of the banquet hall with the waterfall, and the natural elegance with the font and color, and also the owner's love to every customer with the heart above the last letter.

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Business cards concept

These business cards are reflecting the spirit of "Niagara" as well.

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