Website templates for photographers

Our customer wanted to create a website where will be a couple of website templates unique for photographers. We like fresh ideas a lot, so we have started working much quicker than usual :D Joking. We always have a quick start :)

Development files

Date of birth: March 2015

We were going to do:

  • Create an unique, clean and professional design;
  • Fully responsive design;
  • To cope in the short term;
  • Create a logo.

project features

Blur - is our favorite effect :3

Blur will never die (we hope it is)! Our designers love this effect the most of all, and they were happy to put it on this website :) We also put some description text here to let the users know about a specification of this site.

Silhouettes on background

Classic testimonials block with rotator, photo, name and the testimonial text. Everything seems to be usual and familiar, but it's not true. Here are a perfect background and silhouettes of photographers on top of it.

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Mockups are here

In this block you can see how we have decided to place the information of the advantages of this site, and what benefits in templates of Shotfolio users can see.

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