Server solutions

This website belongs to our friend's company, and once he asked us to make some changes to his existing website, and we were glad to do it :)

We were going to do:

  • Change icons.
  • Change the main image.
  • Make website to look more modern.
  • Change color scheme.

project features


First users will see on this website - is super nice background gradient and comprehensive proposal on the left. Very user-friendly and good-looking.


Just another favicon for website :) It is also a logo of Anetsis, we just used it like a favicon too.


Excellent purple background in "flat" style with cool gradient makes the main page charming.

This dude will meet you every time 

We've designed some cool infographics through the whole website. For example, this cute dude sitting in the armchair, that symbolizes a real user who can sit at home, and his/her server will work from any other country in the world.

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Our friend asked us to create some appropriating icons, so we've taken the style from Anetsis's logo, and made some icons similar to the logo. Looking good :)

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