Website for comparing prices for Mazda

There are you can see one cool landing page with modern design6 a wide slider and a comfortable comparing form right on the first screen. We've tried to keep the atmosphere of company's activity, so here is a lot of photos of Mazda's auto through this landing page.

This landing is full of great ideas, so check it out :)

We were going to do:

  • A clean, modern and unique landing page;
  • To cope in the short term;
  • These are all effective methods that make the site as easy as possible to use;
  • Great icons;
  • Cool colors and style.

project features

Form to compare

The customer asked us to integrate an individual for to let the user quickly compare pricing of auto. So we decided to put this form right on the background image of Mazda on the first screen.

We like to make such bonuses like favicons :)

As a tradition, there is a favicon as a logo of Mazda to let people know which brand is on this "tab" in the browser.

Colored icons

We've chosen blue colors for all icons on this landing page. Because this color is the best to convey the right atmosphere.

Advantages block

Our customer wanted to show only three the most significant advantages: "easy, fast and cheep", "free telephone advice" and "Australia - wide service." So in this block, you can see an interesting decision to place these advantages.

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Testimonials block

We're sure you must admit an exotic title with different colors :) Yeah, it was an experimental effect, and everyone's liked it. And moreover, here is an individual block for customer's testimonials. Great looking one ^__^

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