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It was another exciting project for a town adviser. You can find here a lot of high places in Dhaka, and we did a lot of work to make this website the most comfortable for users. There are a lot of different information, and we put it to individual sections to make use of the site as convenient as possible for the user.

We were going to do:

  • Three the most important pages - "home", "category", and "category in details".
  • Fully responsive design.
  • To cope in the short term.
  • To distribute significant amounts of information conveniently.
  • Create a modern and minimalistic design.

project features

Nice searching field

There are a beautifully blurred image of Dhaka town as a background on "Home" page. And exactly here we decided to put the primary form - Search field to let users start searching a place they interest immediately.

Logo as a favicon

We created a little logo for this website and integrated it as a cute favicon too :)

Different badges

There are different badges for each category of places. Each badge has its color to help the user to navigate the site more easily.

Sections button

We integrate an individual Sections button up in the header. Here you can find all categories the website has and go to it. The different colored budget will help you in the future to find the category you need in the fastest way.

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Responsive design

This website is one of the most important for this city, so it has to be responsive. You can open it on any device you like and in any time you want :)

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