Online-shop for fire tracks

Fully responsive website


Our customer wanted to make a full website redesign to more modern, clean and user-friendly. The customer also wanted a lot to make a home page without any scrolling to let the users know about all products just on one page. We've chosen the red, white and dark gray colors as main colors, and have made a clean, beautiful website :)

  • Fully responsive;
  • Clean design;
  • Full front-end work;
  • User-friendly navigation;
  • Nice color scheme.

project features

Products list

Our customer wanted to place all his products on one page, so we've picked up the right style for blocks and have done this task. Also, you can see here an essential contact information in the header, change the language or use the search.

Cute favicon

And as usual for every customer, we've designed a unique favicon for this website.


We've chosen a great color scheme, wich are ideal as an association for fire engines

Photo gallery

There is a comfort photo gallery style, where you can see three reviews of the product your interest, and one big picture to see it in details.

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Use your device

This site is fully responsive, so you can open it on any device you like, it will be perfect.

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make an order

You can hire us now. All you need is to fill a little form to let us know about your order. After filling the form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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