Hotel website

If we speak about hotel website for a small and medium business, it will be nice if it has such features as beautiful, usable design, light coding, user-friendly navigation, quality photos, good 'click to action' buttons, readable information, and some frames from booking portals OR Own Booking Module.
If you use iframes from, for example, it is much quicker to implement and easier to handle, you also have traffic from this portal, but you pay per/customer fee and have a limit of how your click to action forms and buttons look like. So, in conclusion, I would recommend you to use your Own Booking System only if you know your customers will cost you less in this case or you need a custom more luxury design for your website.

If the developer knows his work and does the job in the best way - the company might have success. We know. We like. We do.


Nice Designed

The design is really up to time.
Modern. Usable. For all devices: mobile, tablet or PC - no problem.

Best optimazed

We provide highly optimized webpages with up to 90% rate from Google SpeedUp. Fast loading, easy to find info, usable.

SEO friendly

We provide a basic SEO for websites done with us that includes clear links, well-optimized structure, related titles, and descriptions for the pages.

Know you targets, collect your goals

We provide a Google Analytics tool available from you 1st screen dashboard, and you can view your targets, goals, traffic.

Easy to manage and support

Your website is easy to manage, we show, provide how-to and you can start in several minutes - it is very native.


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